What People Are Saying

“Jim is an expert in his field and is highly regarded by the wound care industry. It is a pleasure to work with such a brilliant resource. I’d gladly work with Jim again.” Corrie Waarum

“Jim Wilcox is a dedicated, highly intelligent, analytical, creative, and knowledgable medical professional. In his specialized field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine he is truly one of the top experts in the nation.” Jim Henry

“James Wilcox is a very dynamic and intelligent individual. He is truly a clinical scientist and his knowledge of wound physiology rivals all but the most experienced wound care physicians and researchers. He is willing to jump in and get his hands dirty – a good operations director. James also is a quality driver and understands what it takes to be a change agent. He is a valuable asset.” John Peters

“I have had the pleasure of observing Jim’s exceptional work in several roles as he was promoted within Diversified Clinical Services. Jim consistently produced high quality outcomes for the company and in his role as Director of Quality Research, brought a rigor to quality improvement that was invaluable. Jim remains one of the most well-read and knowledgeable individuals in the wound healing field and his ability to reference his knowledge to published literature borders on the amazing. He was always my turn to guy for published information in wound healing. Jim has a great sense of humor, is open minded and collaborative. He constantly added value to our company and his enthusiasm for wound care was obvious in everything he did.” David Hurley, MD

“I have known Mr Wilcox for more than 5 years. Jim is smart, driven and passionate about wound care and Hyperbarics. His knowledge base in wound care and hyperbarics is definitely that of a PHD level. He is my main resource of information for ongoing researches in both wound care and HBO.” Juan Bravo, MD

“Jim is a professional with unique insites into the science of wound healing and hyperbaric medicine. He has years of experience and has the ability to think out of the box in clinical research and its translaion to the bedside.
I recommend Jim without reservation.” Dr. Robert J. Snyder

“I have known and worked with Jim for 6 years. He is a well organized leader in Wound Care. Jim is focused on improving outcomes, evaluating results and using evidenced based medicine in his treatment of patients. Sharing ideas and information to improve the delivery of care for all patients demonstrates his professionalism.” Greg Bohn, MD

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